About BK Vestia

Our vision

Vestia’s vision is to run a cool and informal grassroots club with a pleasant atmosphere. We want our club to be modern and innovative, concentrating on companionship and cooperation.

Vestia has skillful coaches who focus on friendship, respect and quality training, and we take pride in playing ambitious football.  However, we do not only ‘educate’ football players. We just as much want to inspire and motivate our young people to become tolerant, helpful and reliable individuals who can cooperate.

Joy and smiles characterise our club. We take our roles as hosts seriously, and we want people visiting Vestia to feel at home. Vestia participates actively in developing the local community. We collaborate with social organisations that help us in our aim to have help children and young people who aren’t familiar with an association.

Our values

We are proud to be a football club where our players are companions and not competitors. A club where we play ambitious football, but where the courage to fail is just as important.

This doesn’t mean that we give up when we meet the “giants”. Thus, we share our neighbourhood’s motto from the Second World War: “Vesterbro never surrenders”.

We are proud of our more than 125-year history and our strong local commitment to Vesterbro and Kongens Enghave, and we celebrate the diversity and community spirit which characterise the two districts.   We strive for high quality training and focus on creating a safe environment that allows our players to grow.  And then we value positive, technical football.

As a club we believe it’s important to meet people in a positive way – both on and off the football pitch. In our world, this means treating each other with respect, helping each other and creating memorable experiences together around the most beautiful sport in the world.